Friday, August 24, 2018

Happy 18th Birthday to my Mason! xo

1- A brother's bond runs deep & true.  Always know that what creation has joined together can never come undone unless you allow it.  My dream is that one day I will have all my boys together again - under one roof - to celebrate the love and joy that was meant to be..

2- You and your dog. Sheera & Mason   What more can I say?  She was your everything - and you were everything to her.....

3- Those faces!  My spunky monkey - taken just prior to your 2nd birthday   One of my faves xo

4- Tristan was the proudest big brother

5- This photo was taken at Ted's celebration of life in Sagamok, around the sacred fire   Remember your teachings - remember where you came from - remember who you are.....

6- Where's Mason? (giggle giggle)  Oh there he is...hiding in my cupboards!!  Always up to something!!!

7- Taken at Niagara Falls.  Mason - you were in a sour mood - not wanting any part of these photos.  I told you to smile so we could go have fun---this is what you gave me   Impish grin -- mischief in those snapping eyes!!

8- More brotherly love---always catching you guys sharing your moments and had to take a pic!

9- You caught salad!!

10- Guitar Hero -- this photo says it all.....

11- Your turn to be the PROUD BIG BROTHER!!   Baby Tanner finally arrived!!!

12- Taken in Wikwemkoong -- our favourite family destination.  One day we will recreate this -- I will manifest it

13- Your 6th birthday!  You asked for chocolate cake baked in the round pan   Your wish is my command my boy!! xo

14- The infamous boot cake!!  The day I brought that cake book home you went through it til you almost wore the pages out!!  I made the dinosaur, butterfly, fire truck, monster truck, easter bunny, space shuttle, train, christmas tree, and you wanted this with eager anticipation!!!  A cowboy boot - just like Woody wore lol Toy Story

Mason Blake Golder --- my heart, my soul, my everything.....
My birthday wish for you is this ---- go forth and know how very loved you are Thank you for the memories xoxoxo

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